The Proven Benefits of the Move, Breathe, Live Technique

The codified technique used in the Mindful Wellness 360 program combines moment-to-moment awareness, breath-work, and calming movement.  This technique develops the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which is associated with higher order functions such awareness, concentration, and decision making.  MRI scans have shown that after consistently practicing the Mindful Wellness 360 program the brain's "fight or flight" center, the amygdala, starts to shrink.  This area of the brain is linked to fear and stress responses.  Consistent practicing of the Mindful Wellness 360 program will lower primal responses to stress, replacing them with more thoughtful, regulated responses.  In other words, clients will better equipped to take on daily challenges.

The addition of calming movement linked to the breath-work is what sets the Mindful Wellness 360 program apart from other mindfulness trainings.  Research has shown that exercise enhances mood by releasing endorphins, relieving tension, and increasing relaxation. The Move, Breathe, Live technique teaches participants to use their full breath capacity to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which then calms the body and mind.  Mindful Wellness 360 helps to reduce blood pressure. Practicing Mindfulness consistently can even change the expression of genes in order to ward off serious illness.  

Making wellness a priority is a proactive way to foster life-long mental and physical health.  The ancient movement forms such as Yoga and Tai chi have demonstrated how linking breath with calm movement has many benefits.

Health Benefits of the Move, Breathe, Live Mindful Wellness


- Increases blood flow and circulation throughtout the body, while providing more oxygen to your cells (increases focus & alertness)

- Movement linked with breath helps the lymphatic system fight infections and boost your immune system

- Drops blood pressure and can help people with hypertension.

- Lowers cortisol levels (secreted in high stress situations).  Chronic high levels of cortisol are linked with depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance.  Lowering these levels with the Mindful Wellness 360 Program is proactive to long term health.

- Increases happiness by increasing serotonin levels and decreasing monoamine oxidase and cortisol.

- Increases activity in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain which correlates with greater levels of happiness and better immunity.

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